For almost 4 years, I’ve worked in an office in Burlingame on the weekends. For those who aren’t familiar, Burlingame is a town located on the Peninsula, about 16 miles or so from San Francisco. Apparently, it’s referred to as the “City of Trees” – which makes me chuckle because 1) I literally just found that out in a quick Google search and 2) when I think of a place called the “City of Trees”, there’s a handful of other Bay Area cities that would fit this name much more appropriately…if you know what I mean.

Any who, during the week, I make a decent effort to prepare all of my own food/snacks but more often than not, I find myself empty-handed on food when I get to work on the weekends. This isn’t really an issue because I usually end up taking a stroll on Burlingame Avenue, which is a street lined with restaurants, shops, and is naturally family and dog-friendly.

This past weekend, during my lunch break, I wandered into Caffè Central which caught my attention for a few reasons – first, it looked to be new…the restaurant that occupied that space previously had vacated months prior. Second, it seemed busy with people seated indoor and outdoors and folks coming and going. Has to be good, right?

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Once I made my way through the front door, it was clear why this attracted so many people – coffee. Another fun fact about me that may or may not make you gasp in disbelief…I am not a coffee drinker whatsoever, so I don’t have the same appreciation for an establishment that serves different varieties of coffees or a particular brewing method as someone that does enjoy drinking coffee.

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What did catch my attention immediate attention, however, was the assortment of pastries and sandwiches in the well-lit refrigerated display. I always find myself slightly bending at the knees and approaching the glass closer and closer to my face (because I am severely near-sighted) and I think to myself, good lord look how good this all looks…almost…too good…crap, what if it just looks good but doesn’t taste good?

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I decided to go with one of the fancy-looking toasts – multi-grain bread, hummus, sprouts, and slices of cucumber, tomato, and avocado. Mind you, I had very little expectations for my lunch on this particular day and was very close to resorting to a bag of chips…so this was my good choice for the day.

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For $6.75 (plus tax) my toast came with a mixed-green salad and some sort of citrus vinaigrette which was pretty refreshing. As I sat in the sun and cut into my fancy-toast with my knife and fork, I discovered that Caffè Central is actually chain with several other locations in San Francisco and one in San Jose as well. I’m rooting for this location to do well and hoping it doesn’t relocate because I have definitely found my weekend spot for my lunch breaks.

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Caffè Central
1380 Burlingame Ave.
Burlingame, CA 94010

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