4 Hour Donuts

About a week ago, I found myself doing the usual mid-day Instagram scroll-through. I came across a friend’s “story” and these circular, dipped pastries caught my attention. I immediately passed my phone over to my co-worker/work wife to have her take a look and we were instantly intrigued.

Were these Hong Kong-style egg puffs? Were they cookies? What is it dipped in? Why do they look like baby-teethers?

Within minutes, she had discovered that these were mochi donuts, made by MoDo Hawaii based at the Mitsuwa Marketplace in Honolulu, Hawaii. It had made it’s way over to California via a pop-up shop at the Mitsuwa Marketplace at the San Jose location from 4/3/18-4/22/18. We found ourselves oogling at every tagged picture on Instagram and were convinced we had to try these out despite my friend, mentioned in the beginning, warning that she waited 3 hours for them. Insane…I know…

To give you the short version of this very long day, my co-worker and I arrived to the market in San Jose, waited outside of the grocery store in line for roughly about an hour, waited inside for about 2.5 more hours (which to me, was way worse than waiting outside…misleading AF), ordered/paid for our donuts, then got back on the road where we were stuck in traffic for another hour or so.

But the million-dollar question I’m sure you’re all wondering is, were they worth it? Hell yes, they were. The dough includes mochi flour as an ingredient, which gives it a very chewy texture. Every donut was made one at a time and was all hot and fresh, which meant there were very few things that could be made in advanced for the preparation. They are offered in several different flavored glazes – you would find out which flavor was being served that day through MoDo Hawaii’s Instagram. On the day we went, the featured flavors were: cookies & creme, strawberry, and matcha sugar. Other flavors included: matcha (glaze), black sesame, chocolate, etc. Pricing was as follows: 1 donut ($2), 6 donuts ($12), 12 donuts ($20) – after waiting in line for close to 4 hours, you best believe I was getting a dozen of these bad-boys even if I personally was only going to eat 3.

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Special shout-out to my friend, who’s IG story led me to this discovery, and bigger shout-out to my co-worker because I know that literally no one else would have waited in line with me.

MoDo Hawaii
Mitsuwa Marketplace
San Jose, CA
(Yelp page for store-front in Hawaii)
Price: $2-$20

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