Hello, world.

Good afternoon, curious onlookers!

My name is Jamie, a twenty-something year-old living in the Bay Area, CA. In an attempt to branch out my interests, I have decided to set-up a platform (a…blog) in which I can share my personal experiences with some of the things I love doing the most: traveling, eating, and being a novice photographer. A few close friends of mine thought this would be a good idea for me and you know…I really dig it. I mean, my Instagram profile (@jamiealamode – feel free to follow!) is roughly 95% of pretty decent-looking photos of my food, so why not include  bit more of what’s going on *shrug*

Hoping that once I get a hang of this thing, I’ll be consistent with posting and other people actually be interested in what I have to say…but one can only hope.

Stay tuned!


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